Matty Schrock Shredwesier 6669

Putting up a new Shredweiser 6669

and again ….

“Shredweiser 6669
Similar to DB’s Lucky 7
but a little different.

So every blue moon
you’ll catch one of these”

This time around

Our Southern Brother

Matty Schrock

6  Things you hate about San Francisco

1.  Weather sucks majority of the year

2.  Naked dudes walking around the streets.

3. It costs money to get around everywhere

4. Skating through the hills cause I cant skate hills to save my life.

5. A lot of things are rad about the city, how many more do i need?

6. The majority of the chicks around are lesbians.
That blonde girl is not
Shes married.
Shes amazing.

 6 Things you miss about the South

1. Weather. Humidity. I love the heat.

2. No naked dudes around the streets

3.  Friends

4. Gulf of Mexico, the Pacific is too fucking cold

5. Cant say shit about the weed

6. How slow shit is.. in the south in general
and Southern Hospitality
not from people from strangers
everyone asks for shit out here.
Cigarettes and shit


6  People that you wish still bladed

Rob Thompson

Matt Nicholas

Charles Dunkle a little more

James Beary

 Erik Burke

John Elliot

9 Words about Townes Van Zandt

texas troubadour




highway man

fuck yeah

cheers matt

3 responses

  1. my mufuckin boy

    October 17, 2011 at 12:21 AM

  2. Shahiem Jones

    Matty is a fuckin’ boss. When he gets some pro shit I’ll definately cop it.

    October 18, 2011 at 5:06 AM

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